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Vance Kirkland Catalog

Vance Kirkland Catalog


Vance Kirkland Exhibition, Stadtmuseum, Dusseldorf, Germany. With essays in German and English by Kirkland Museum Director and Curator Hugh Grant, and Stadtmuseum curator Evelyn Weiss, this is the catalog for the 1999 Dusseldorf exhibition.

From April 24, 1997 through February 25, 2000 selections of Vance Kirkland paintings traveled to 13 institutions (11 museums and 2 exhibition halls) in 11 European countries, organized by the Kirkland Foundation in Denver, which subsequently founded Kirkland Museum. All 13 exhibitions included all 5 of Kirkland’s painting periods. 11 of the 13 exhibitions were accompanied by a published catalog—this is one example.

168 pp. 68 color plates. 9 ½ x 13 inches. Hardcover.