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"A treasure trove of information and the definitive source on Denver art. The research, detail, scholarship and fine writing are remarkable."
Rob Lewis, Denver art collector

Explore a rich chapter in Colorado's cultural history with "The Denver Artists Guild: Its Founding Members; an Illustrated History" by Stan Cuba, with foreword by Kirkland Museum's Founding Director & Curator, Hugh Grant. With more than 200 full-color images, this book chronicles the influential artists who helped shape the Colorado art scene in a range of 20th century styles--from Impressionism, Realism and Regionalism to Surrealism and Abstraction. Includes 52 biographies of the founding DAG members, with six pages dedicated to Vance Kirkland. Cover art: Vance Kirkland, "Red Mountain" (detail), 1947, watercolor. 9 x 11 inches. 260 pp. Softbound. 2015.